Pitti Uomo 93

Let’s talk about Pitti Uomo, Pt. 1

By Mijean Rochus

Did you ever wonder what Pitti Uomo is and what it looks like? Here is an insight into the 93rd edition of the world-renowned trade show.

Since 1972, Pitti Uomo has been held in Florence at the Fortezza da Basso also known as Pitti Palace. Twice a year brands from all over the world gather here to show the new collections either in special presentations, fashion shows or stands. It’s a four-day market-facing event in which retailers, buyers, and editors come together to view what is new and upcoming.

During the length of the trade show, buyers from the most important stores in the world select the pieces and quantities they wish to have at their selling points. Once these orders are filled out, the brands spend the next months producing the correct quantities for the selected garments that later make their way to the stores in approximately six months.

Aside from being a business-first destination, Pitti Uomo is also the perfect place to run into street-style gods, dandies and all kind of fashion insiders and influencers.


Day 1: Opening Pitti Uomo/ Presentation of Guest Nation.

Pitti Uomo opens officially with an Inauguration speech at the Chamber of Commerce where the world press attends before heading to Fortezza da Basso to discover the brands.

Each season, a Guest Nation is presented during Pitti Uomo and this was the turn for Finland. Martta Louekari and Miia Koski, the duo behind the fashion and design consultancies Helsinki New and Juni Communication & Production, led the initiative. The partners of the events were the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finpro, Tekes, the Finnish Embassy in Rome, among others.

The project granted 8 Finnish brands an opportunity to present themselves to a very wide and noteworthy audience. Included this season were: Rolf Ekroth; Formal Friday; Ikla Wright x Turo; Mannisto; Maria Korkeila x R-Collection; Nomen Nescio; Saint Vacant & Vyner Articles.