…You a smart ass dude, mister know it all
Think you got flood now down to a formula
I’m like boy stop, run that back
Pack your big eye cue, but can you play that sax?

Fleur East, ex alumna de la onceava temporada de The X Factor UK, donde quedó en segundo lugar, regresa con una infecciosa canción lista para romper pistas de baile y clavarse en tu subconsciente hasta decir basta. Que si suena mucho a Uptown Funk, quizás sí, pero nos gusta, eso es indudable.

Fleur East , former student of the eleventh season of The X Factor UK , being the runner up, returns with an infectious song ready to break dance floors and get stuck in your head . It might sound a little too much like Uptown Funk, either way we like it, that’s undeniable.