Bottega Veneta SS18

Bottega Veneta delivers warm wishes of blooming fields, colorful sunsets and pleasant weather for this upcoming 2018.

By Estela Manzanilla

With color as a big definitive and with an optimistic palette that bases itself in the marble room from Kedleston Hall, a grand paladin style summerhouse constructed by British arquitect Robert Adam. Bottega Veneta inspires their fresh ideas in the delicate pink of the palace walls, the ocean blue of their frescos and the rich variety of shades of the staircase spirals and shows to their public an original set of silhouettes with apparent simplicity that counter pose with the richness of the ornaments that decorate them. A constant in all of them can be seen as the jewelry applications, mirror like and metal details, every one of them artistically hand stitched. Other pieces show welted crystals, while the rest reflect surprising artisanal details and exotic leathers.

The contraposition in each design from simple to baroque makes itself patent in the ethereal group of creations with subtle and iridescent silk cuts and other luxury materials like cotton, suede, cashmere and anaconda.

To complete the Strong contrast of this neoclassical/modern collection, the brand chose Palazzo Archinto, an ancient residence constructed between 1830 and 1847 that now serves as a school, as their principal stage. An historic and iconic palace that presents the perfect platform for the light, masculine pieces like the raincoat and several sport jackets. The top parts identify themselves for being comfortable and informal, meanwhile they are complemented with tight pants and Pointe shoes. The colors are bright and serve as the perfect touch of eccentricity for the luxurious materials used in each design.



A Palace that also serves as representative background for the female collection, where the accessories play a very important role. Like the model BV73: a short handle bag inspired in the 1973 model found in the archives. The shoes stop being a complement and become protagonists – the d’Orsay short heel combines details that come from the Palio bag, with studded jewelry from the prêt-à-porter models. Finally, the ultimate use of jewelry, pieces that evoke the ancient Kingdom of Italy and the style of the iconic Empress Josephine de Beauharnais. Earrings, rings, necklaces and pendants, become a must in the collection, shining bright from the varnish and engraved techniques that define them.

A mixture of unique pieces, each and everyone thought out with great caution and fused with simple, elegant and classical strokes that result in a transcendent collection that makes itself known for breaking barriers while maintaining the history and tradition of the Italian brand.