Summer of Ease

BOSS Menswear presents its new Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show.

By Estela Manzanilla

Capturing the state of mind of a warm summer’s day, BOSS Menswear launches to the public its Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Titled “Summer of Ease”, the pieces in this creation according to the Chief Brand Officer Ingo Wilts represent – “An overall mood that is light, airy and laid-back, but in a refined BOSS way. There’s a strong nautical atmosphere, as we thought about the BOSS man traveling from the city to the sea in high summer. You can see this inspiration most clearly in the functional details we’ve picked up from seafaring clothing, in the stripes and in the cool colors we selected”.

Ingo Wilts

The tailoring work in each design represent the upmost standards that the Boss Fashion House has made itself know for along the years, utilizing light fabrics that provide freshness to the clothes, alongside a gray and white color palette that provides a certain effortless elegance for this high temperature summer season. “This collection shows how a man can capture the BOSS look in a more relaxed way. Each piece in the current Spring/Summer 2018 runway collection offers authentic, understated luxury and easy comfort thanks to the fine fabrics, precise cuts and attention to detail both inside and out. Our approach can be seen in the altered proportions and techniques that we’ve used, which are focused on delivering contemporary clothes with a functional edge. Fabrics are feather-light and designed to be worn with ease.” Is the detailed description from the creative mind behind it: Ingo Wilts.

The Fashion Show occurred at the Fulton Market on Lower Manhattan, the perfect scenery for the nautically inspired collection that served as the ideal contrast for the ample view to the water that the old fish market building had to offer. Hugo Boss in this luxurious, chic and masculine show felt the need to show the audience what the brand continued to represent after all this years- “HUGO BOSS communicates one consistent image and design around the world. Nevertheless, we adjust to regional conditions, such as climate surroundings or differences in sizes, to perfectly match the requirements of our customers around the world” is how Wilts affirms the strong position the brand still has in the fashion market nowadays.

With the competitiveness of fashion week and the evolution of customer behavior that has installed fundamental changes in the industry. Ingo claims that they have had the need to integrate their retail, wholesale and online sales channels intelligently- Speed drives commercial success. The speed of our design and manufacturing processes allows us to respond rapidly to trends and the requests of our customers. The same speed can be seen in the way we communicate, as a brand you have to be visible globally just on time. The digital age allows us to react quickly and communicate our message globally.”

Chris Hemsworth & Ingo Wilts

All and all the show has demonstrated the need for reaching a larger public in this new fast, fickle and modern market that has new ways of styling and evolving. Without leaving the luxury and the roots of the brand that have always been and will always be in the upper premium segment. Increasing their Made-To-Measure, Hugo Boss has displayed their continued and exceptional competence in suits and upgraded their offerings in the entry-level segment, where demand is now very strong. Positioning themselves once again with this recent, fresh and innovative collection as one of the top menswear brands of this new season.